The sun is drawn across the heavens from East to West on a horse chariot during the day, presenting its bright side to the Earth and returns from West to East during the night, when the dark side is being presented to the Earth.

„Dedicated to the female guardian spirit of the Goths”





Haboob – هَبوب

Juliet Allen, founder of Mat 2 Life Yoga: “Daniel is a true artisan. I love my drum – it feels like a new family-member and I’m looking forward to this being part of my life, my teaching and particularly for healing and creating lots of energy!  The craftsmanship is beautiful and he explained the provenance of the skin and all of the other materials as well as explaining his progress to me all the way along.  There are many people and companies out there who make drums but I believe that Daniel will make YOU a drum which has been cleverly, and lovingly, crafted with YOU in mind.”