The sound, vibration and rhythm of a drum penetrates the inner most layers of our self. It takes us into a state of trance and groove. A state to which we naturally feel drawn to. A ceremonial drum is a very powerful tool.


Evidence for the oldest drums to be found, dating back around 6000 years, were played by ancient Babylonians and Sumerians, in the region of what is now called Syria, Jordan, Iraq and parts of Saudi Arabia. These drums were painted in red and commonly played by women, who represented goddesses. The beat of a drum, reminder of the beat of a mothers heart, is a powerful channel, that goes back to the first seconds of our life.

About Basarab:

Basarab I. Întemeietorul († 1352) was the first slavian Voivode (ruler) in the wallachian region, now Romania. He gave his name to the historic region of Bessarabia on the Black Sea. Basarab gained the independence of Wallachia from the Kingdom of Hungary. Hundred years later Vlad Dracula was Voivode of Wallachia, son of Vlad Dracul (meaning dragon and devil). Hawks soared around the spectacular landscape, which Vlad Dracula defended against the Christian faith.


Above is the earliest photograph of my ancestors from Bessarabia. My bloodline has always had a strong grip on me. Besides the subliminal impulse to disappear into the wilderness, my grandfather and I have inherited the passion for toolmaking. It is the oldest form of artisanry, dating back 2.6 million years within the human linage. A tool is a physical item to achieve a certain goal. A drum falls into the same category of a tool.